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Wordless Wednesday: Baby, Meet Chicken

16 Mar

Baby no likey the chicken.

Wordless Wednesday: Just Call Me The Chicken Whisperer

9 Mar

You can read more about the story behind this photo at my urban farming blog: Ruling the Roost.

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So, This One Time I Bought Some Chickens….

22 Feb

It’s official. We own chickens. Four of them. Meet the girls:

Saturday morning I woke up and thought to myself, “We are going to buy some chickens today.” And so we did.

There is a feed store about 40 minutes away that sells young hens that are already laying eggs. Most of the other stores I contacted only sell baby chicks, and well, considering I already have two baby chicks (and a husband) to take care of, the thought of mothering four baby chicks sort of put me over the edge. It also takes chicks about seven months to start laying eggs, and considering the fact that I don’t even like waiting for the laundry to dry, I decided to go for instant gratification.

It was a totally surreal experience- buying the chickens. We just drove to the feed store, asked for four hens, the clerk put them in a box, and then we drove away. The entire transaction lasted about ten minutes. I couldn’t help but think it was about as anti-climactic as losing your virginity. I kept trying to ask the clerk questions and engage him in conversation, but he was totally over me. I even felt compelled to give him my email address in case he wanted to keep in touch or see how the chickens were doing down the road. I felt bonded to this poor guy and he couldn’t wait to get me out of his store so he could take a smoke break.

I’m sure you are all wondering about the names. Emma wanted to name one of the hens “Kitty”. Ok- no problem. I wanted to name one “Lulu”, after a character in one of Emma’s favorite books Goodnight Lulu. Whitney was set on “Dagny”, one of the main characters in Atlas Shrugged. He actually wanted to give that name to the baby before she was born (he got a big hell-to-the-no from me on that one), so I conceded and let him give the name to one of the chickens. All things considered, that was very generous of me. Don’t you think?

We couldn’t really settle on a fourth name. Emma wanted to name the fourth chicken “Emma”, but since there is a good chance we might eat these chickens one day, I just couldn’t get on board with that. Whitney didn’t really care, so I named the fourth one “Sunny” after my great-aunt. I’m sure you are all asking yourselves, “What is with “Gnocchi” then?” Oh, I am too my friends. You see, Emma is stuck on watching this Curious George cartoon and one of the cats in the show is named “Gnocchi.” Despite explaining to her over and over that the fourth chicken is named “Sunny”, she insists on calling it “Gnocchi”. It seems that the fourth hen is destined to be named after Italian dumplings, so “Gnocchi” it is.

Once we decided on the names, it took a few days for us to assign them to the hens. I have to admit- they are hard to tell apart. Gnocchi has more white feathers than the others, Lulu has a lighter neck, Kitty has a redder neck, and Dagne is lighter all around. I’m glad I’ll have this post and the photo collage as a reference for later. It’s all a bit much to keep track of.

I could go on and on about what life is like at The Little Hen House right now, but I know you guys are all busy. If you want to keep tabs on the hens I’ve dedicated a page on the blog to them. You can find it here- The Literal Hen House. I’ll periodically update it with ramblings about poop, feral cats, broken eggs, and my various misadventures in urban farming. Don’t worry- I won’t be offended if you don’t read it. It’s not for everyone.

Well, enough about my weekend. What did you all do?

Summer in January

21 Jan

I took this photo last Sunday- don't hate.

I’m re-directing you over to Coronado Patch today. The weekly post for my lifestyle blog “Following the Yellow Brick Road” is up. I have to warn you though: there’s some serious gloating going on over there about the amazing weather we’ve been having.

You may want to read my post for the following reasons: 1. You live here and will enjoy taking part in the boasting, 2. You live in a cold and snow-covered climate and need to escape- if only for a few minutes in your mind, or 3. Your spirit is as bitter as your winter weather and you need a reason to hate Southern Californians even more. Either way, stop by and leave a comment.

Have a great weekend everyone!

You can read my post “Summer in January” here.

Top Ten Reasons Gwyneth Paltrow Will Never Be Like Me

17 Jan

Dearest Gwynnie,

I know you’ve been taking a lot of heat lately for certain statements you’ve made in the press regarding motherhood and your general thoughts on most aspects of life. I will admit that I have not been a supporter of yours. In fact, some of the things you have said really bug the crap out of me. But then you made your little cameo on Glee and, as much as it pains me to say this, you killed it. Like shot it six times and ran over it twice with your car. Murdered. You were good girlfriend.

And then I kind of started to like you. Until this came out: “Gwyneth Paltrow’s Time Saving Tips for Moms!” After reading the article my first thought was, “Does your publicist secretly hate you?”

I’m not going to pick apart everything you said (too bad my local fishmonger doesn’t deliver- my life would be SO much easier!), but here’s my general feeling: You are not like me and never will be, so stop trying to act like you can relate to even a fraction of what my daily life is like and please stop trying to advise me on how I can live a better life.

You know what would be awesome? If you would just come out and say something like, “I’m super rich, I have loads of help, I have been granted every opportunity in this world, and I still think being a mom is really hard. I have so much respect for mothers, whether they are working, at home, or something in between.” Or you could even say, “I make a lot of money and have really expensive taste. I know that most of what I wear, eat, rent, buy, use, and covet cannot be purchased by the average person.” You know, something like that.

Please Gwyneth, for your own sake, stop trying to act like you are just like the rest of us. Because really? You aren’t. Just go back to acting and stop trying to give the rest of us, most of whom are just trying to make it through the day without overdrawing our checking accounts, a break. Ok?

Here are ten reasons why you will never be like the rest of us (or at least me):

  1. You were born into Hollywood royalty, which means you basically never even had a fair shot of being a normal person.
  2. You have never been photographed with even 1/8 of an inch of roots.
  3. You have Madonna, Stella McCartney, Jay Z, and Steven Spielberg on your speed dial.
  4. You think it is acceptable to name your daughter “Apple”.
  5. You are saving your Chanel dresses for your daughter’s clothing collection. Do you think my Target tank tops are worth keeping?
  6. To quote you: “Life is good because I am not passive about it.” Bite me.
  7. Your perfect “cleanse” consists of miso soup all day and 2 tb spoons of olive oil at night. FYI- Some people call that “anorexia.”
  8. You use a $52 leather fly swatter.
  9. Insert any one of these seven quotes here.
  10. You know what Brad Pitt’s wiener looks like.


Mama's Losin' It


11 Jan

Indulgence means different things to different people. To me, it entails the following: Getting in bed at 8 o’clock, reading US Weekly front to back, and then perusing my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs (and yes, I totally look like that when I read in bed- isn’t my life glamorous?).

That’s exactly what I did last night. Let me tell you: it was…. heaven. Yes- I may be into chickens, natural foods, and we don’t have TV, but I love me some fashion and celebrity gossip.

So instead of complaining about sleep or the baby’s most recent developmental milestones, I thought I would share some of the highlights from my evening. We all need a little more indulgence in our lives.

What does indulgence mean to you?

Exciting News!

7 Jan

I am NOT pregnant. Hahahaha!

I have a new writing job!

I have a weekly lifestyle column called “Following the Yellow Brick Road” over at Coronado Patch. Patch is a hyperlocal online news source owned by AOL. The Patch sites provide extremely localized news, information about events, business listings, reviews, and discussions. Patch is the website you want to visit to find out exactly what is happening in your community.

If you aren’t familiar with Patch, you can get more information here. If you don’t have a Patch in your community yet, don’t be surprised if there is a Patch popping up soon. Here is the first post from Following the Yellow Brick Road. I hope you enjoy it.

Glory Days

Given the lack of babysitters on New Year’s Eve, my husband and his friends decided to celebrate the impending New Year with a good old fashioned game of touch football. Maybe it was the hint of promise that a new year always brings because it seems that 2011 is going to be the year of reliving the Glory Days of their youth. It sounds innocent enough: a group of seemingly healthy 30 to 40-something year old men getting together for a friendly, non-contact game of touch

football. Not so fast.

Behind their studly exteriors lie the remnants of old college baseball injuries, knee surgeries, tennis elbows, bad backs, and sprained ankles. Nothing says “Happy New Year” like a trip to the emergency room.

You can read the rest of the article here at Coronado Patch.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: The Literal Hen House

5 Jan

I’ve been working on my New Year’s resolutions: paying better attention to my Google Reader (only 217 posts until it’s clear!), going to be an hour earlier (I might have to hold off on that one until I get the Google Reader issue sorted out), and getting chickens (the planning has begun).

Step one: Build a little hen house- literally. I’m looking for something cheap, easy, and functional. I can tell you one thing: it isn’t going to look like any of these, but a girl can dream….

Photo courtesy of Woot! Finger Tips.

Photo courtesy of Modern Design Interior

Photo courtesy of Backyard Chickens

Photo courtesy of Rustic Rooster Interiors

Photo courtesy of A Bright Space

Photo courtesy of Southern Green Living

Wordless Wednesday- Ice Queen

29 Dec

My in-laws took us ice skating on Christmas Day. We are fortunate enough to live within minutes of a beachside resort that does an annual outdoor ice rink bordering the sand. It’s a pretty amazing experience to skate “on the beach”. Emma had the time of her life. And yes, she’s wearing a helmet. That’s how we roll.

Wordless Wednesday: A Study in Black and Gold

15 Dec

I’ve been reading a lot of fashion and lifestyle blogs lately. Maybe it’s the festive holiday events we have been attending, but I find myself drawn to a lot of black and gold. It’s so timeless, yet totally modern at the same time. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Minox DCC Lecia M3 Plus (gold)

Gold Bar Bracelet by Loulou and Maxime

Gold Clubmaster Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Forte Shoulder Bag by Marc Jacobs

Scoop Neck Party Dress by Adam

Leather Double-Buckle Waist Belt by Balmain

Black Studded Riding Boot by Michael Kors

Vintage Russian Mechanical Alarm Clock from Clockwork Universe

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