I have a weekly lifestyle column called “Following the Yellow Brick Road” over at Coronado Patch, and I also write a weekly  “Great Escape” post that suggests a fun activity for the busy mom who has a small window of time to dedicate to herself each weekend.

Patch is a hyperlocal online news source owned by AOL. The Patch sites provide extremely localized news, information about events, business listings, reviews, and discussions. Patch is the website you want to visit to find out exactly what is happening in your community.

If you aren’t familiar with Patch, you can get more info here. If you don’t have a Patch in your community yet, don’t be surprised if there is a Patch popping up soon.

You can also check this page for links to my posts at “Following the Yellow Brick Road” and my “Great Escape” posts. Feel free to visit my Patch posts and don’t be afraid to leave a comment over there! 🙂

Glory Days

Five Ways to Meet Local Moms

Summer in January

Five Things Coronado Needs for Kids

When Kids Crash Date Night: 10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day a Family Affair

Beauty, Bliss, and Bubbly

Give Your Toes Some Much Needed Love

Where Have All the Girl Scouts Gone?

A Great Escape- And You Don’t Even Have to Get Out of Your PJs!

Pre-School Predicament

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