PR/Advertising & Media Kit

Product Reviews

I am open to reviewing products and services that relate to the topics that I discuss on my blog, especially anything related to babies, kids, natural foods, cool stuff, electronics, fashion, or my never-ending quest for the perfect hair product. We live in Southern California, so the beach and the great outdoors are a huge part of our lives. But…. I’m also a bit of a fashion whore, so I can totally play that part too. If you aren’t sure if your product or service is a good fit for me- go ahead and ask! I’m flexible and it doesn’t hurt to try.

Now, one thing I ask is that I have a good month or so to really give your product some wear and tear. I’ll want to test it out, let the baby chew on it, have Emma drop it a few times, and take some pictures of it in action. My reviews are honest, in-depth, and well-rounded. I can’t go and deceive my readers. Their trust in me means everything.

If you would like to submit your product for review you will need to supply either a non-returnable sample, or provide a pre-paid shipping label in order to return the product to you once the review has been completed.  Available reviewers are: 31 year old male, 30 year old female (I don’t look a day past 29 though), 3 year old female, and 1 year old female.

Your product will be featured in a blog post that will include photos, video (if applicable), company details, constructive suggestions, and purchasing information.


If you interested in participating in a giveaway- that’s awesome! My readers have to put up with a lot of my rants and raves. They deserve something for all the time I suck out of their lives. It’s also a fabulous way to promote your product. But….I have to see/test whatever it is that you want to offer up first. Once again, it all boils down to trust. I’ll worry about contacting the winners and getting their information and you can handle the shipping within 14 days.

All giveaways will be promoted via The Little Henhouse, Twitter, Facebook, and other various blog-specific networking sites.

If you are interested in hosting a giveaway, please contact me so we can discuss the details. I’m not going to lie- giveaways are a pain, but some things are worth going through hell for. Your product or service might just have what it takes. I mean, it most definitely has what it takes and I would love the opportunity to spread the word and bestow my readers with your products.

Press and Affiliations:

I review for The Baby Gizmo Company and Rated by Mom. I also write a weekly lifestyle column for Coronado Patch and I am a regular contributor to the Home and Garden section of If you are interested in having your products or services appear on those sites, please contact me.

Previous Sponsors:

Dria Cover

Cups La Jolla

Munchkin Baby Products

Chiquita Banana


Who Reads My Blog: According to Alexa, my blog readers are mostly female, ages 25-34, have children, are college educated, and browse this site from home. Sounds just like me! I knew I liked my readers for a reason. I mean, besides the fact that they take the time to read me.


Please contact me regarding ad rates.

Public Relations

If you or your company has something exciting you think I might want to write about- give me a holler!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is what I am all about. I do a lot of it and I love it. My blog is the place where I get to write about my own life, review and giveaway products I adore, but I also love getting the opportunity to experiment with various writing styles and topics for other people. If job hopping has give me one skill, it’s that I know a little about a lot. Plus, I’m really good at acting like I know what I’m talking about- even if I don’t. Just ask my husband. If you are interested in hiring me as a freelance writer, I encourage you to visit my professional blog.

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